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Saturday, 6 October 2012

'IndieMusicBus's' Artist of the Month October 2012 - David Geftakys

It gives me great pleasure to introduce David Geftakys as the October 2012 Artist of the Month for IndieMusicBus. David is a new artist from Los Angeles, with his single ‘Games We Play’ having just released and the subsequent music video being a hot topic across many social networking sites. He is now preparing to make another big release in 2012 with another album. I was absolutely honoured to review the songs available on his ReverbNation profile.

The man himself - David Geftakys

His official banner.

‘Games We Play’ was indeed the first track I listened to, and I loved the acoustic, gentle intro. This was complimented well by the soft use of drums, which I found to be something different and a feature not used much in many pop songs of today. The tone of the vocals was beautiful and helped create a soothing atmosphere alongside the soft instrumentation. I particularly liked the use of backing vocals in the chorus and 2nd verse; some of these acted as a pedal at times, which I thought was fantastic, and they were also in perfect harmony with lead vocalist. I also loved the high notes of the lead vocalist. These were at perfect pitch and sounded beautiful. What I liked most of this song was the lyrics of “I’m running” incorporated intertwined vocals. Furthermore, there was also polyphony incorporated with these vocals as the instrumentation dies away in middle section. Similarly, I thought it was fantastic when the instrumentation faded into nothing to end the song in a peaceful manner.

I then listened to ‘Say it All’ and loved the use of a Guitar pedal to open the song, which also used echo. This created a different, but nevertheless fantastic intro. As the song progressed I found it to be a contrasting song in terms of the feel and use of drums; it was a slightly heavier, more rock-like song. I liked the great use of harmonised vocals in the verse and also the use counter melodies, especially in the chorus with the guitar. What I found to be an interesting feature was how the second verse used lower harmonies rather than higher harmonies. This was interesting but sounded great. Towards the end, I could hear intertwined vocal lines again, with some at a longer length. However, with this, I found the different vocal lines to end on the same line to form a triadic harmony, which was a stunning ending.

‘Stellar Pheonix’ was the next track I listened to, and I was surprised with the unusual use of percussion in the opening, even with the drums using a rhythmic drum beat as opposed to a steady one maintaining the beat of the song. I thought the distorted effect on the guitar was great. This also worked well in creating a slight contrast between the verse and chorus in terms of the feel; the chorus was slightly heavier in terms of instrumentation and also feel. I also liked the varied guitar usage is the second verse, creating a sense of forward momentum. Another great feature was the use of arpeggiated backing vocals in the second verse. However, what I loved most was the guitar solo, incorporating fabulous features such as pitch bending. To create further contrast with this song, I loved how the middle section utilised an altered drum beat, making the song seem slower. I could also hear the use of a counter melody on the guitar; another great feature.

I then listened to ‘Castaway’ and immediately loved the stereo effect with the guitar intro, hearing it pan from each speaker of my headphones. I found the filer with the main vocal line to be interesting, and loved the use of little guitar licks to bring out the vocals rather than a full-fledged melodic line. With the chorus, I loved the combination of normal vocals and those with effect in vocals and also how in the middle section, the line of “Be myself” passed from side to side with headphones.
The final track I listened to was ‘Strange’, and found this to be a more emotive song. It opened with different backing sounds, such as police sirens which also continued as the song began. I found this to add another degree of emotion to the song. I loved the beautiful harmonies of this song. What I found to be the best feature of the song was the chorus. Whilst it was just one single repeated line, the use of harmonies made it sound fantastic.

It goes without saying that David incorporates many different musical genres and styles into his music, and even adds an emotive aspect. This combination is fantastic is adding individuality to his music and also passion, creating fantastic sounding music. I would highly recommend checking out his music.

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Thanks for taking the time to read this review. I would also like to once again thank IndieMusicBus for the opportunity to write this review.

See you in the next review. Take care - Tom


  1. Sounds like a rising artist that I should keep my eyes on. Thanks for letting me know. I will check out his music.

    1. Yes I highly recommend him! Thanks for reading the post and feel free to join the blog. Thanks :)